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Eclipse SE Consulting


Since 1994 I have worked on many large mass torte cases, to include the likes of the Breast Implant, Zyprexa, and Ortho Evra litigations. I have the knowledge and experience to help prepare, set-up and manage these very large sorts of cases, where any sort of discovery might be involved.

Technical Support

I have been providing technical support assistance in many different litigation support software, going all the way back to DOS, since 1995. At first it was with a service bureau, and on my own since 2001. I have remote-in capabilities, where in a matter of minutes I can reach out to your machine and help diagnose and/or fix whatever technical issues you might have. I have helped the smallest firms, as well as some of the top-10 largest firms, so have been it the trenches for any sort of problem you might have.

Please don't hesitate to let me know if there is any other way I can help!

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